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Coffman Cares: Gravel Donation for Family Affected by Beechie Creek Wildfire

Jerry and Laura Pierce from Lyon's, OR, own and operate Evans Creek Retreat, a camp for people with special needs. Over the last summer, they lost their property and over 20 structures to the Beechie Creek Wildfire.

Coffman Excavation recently arranged a large donation of rock and gravel from our friends at Knife River, and helped spread gravel across the property, allowing safe entrance and easier transportation across the campgrounds.

A special message from Evans Creek Retreat:

"No words can adequately express how grateful we are to Coffman Excavation for their overwhelmingly generous contribution of manpower, material, equipment, fuel and time. 2020’s Beechie Creek Fire was a monster that turned everything in its path to ash including Evans Creek Retreat which for forty years served as a site for people with disabilities to call a second home. Coffman Excavation has restored the camp entrance, giving both physical and spiritual encouragement. Thanks to Travis Berg, Russell Miles, Jeremy Conroy, David Mance, and Marty Kienlen that gave their time and arranged a donation of rock from Knife River making a way for the rebuilding to begin. In one day they turned the debris, ash and mud into a serviceable driveway. Now volunteers and camp families will safely enter and reestablish their camp community. THANK YOU!!! COFFMAN EXCAVATION RULES."

- Blessings to you all from Evans Creek Retreat, Jerry & Laura Pierce and many future campers

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