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Safety At Every Level

Coffman Excavation’s exceptional safety record results from a core belief that all injuries/incidents are preventable. Our commitment to Incident and Injury Free Environments (IIFE) has produced a culture where safety is taken personally, and is incorporated into every level of our company.

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Safety Leadership

Our full time safety team works closely with our management and field personnel to mentor, teach and oversee the company’s safety culture and risk management. This group of highly trained and experienced individuals is an essential resource in carrying forward our IIFE commitment.

Orientation & Training

All new employees receive a safety orientation and skill evaluation prior to project dispatch. This assessment provides an understanding of the worker’s safety knowledge, experience and any future training they may require.


Continued Growth

We are constantly refining our safety programs and tools to keep us at the highest level in the construction industry. We have implemented programs such as daily flexible solutions, pre-task planning, and utility awareness forms to keep safety at the forefront of each and every activity we perform.




Coffman Excavation is proud to place as a finalist at the AGC's

2020 and 2022 National Safety Excellence Awards Ceremony. 


Official Statement From The President of Coffman Excavation

 At Coffman Excavation, we consider our company to be the “Best of the Best” because we feel so passionately that our employees are indeed the best in the industry. This feeling does not come only from the size of our projects or the quality of our completed work, rather, it is knowing that our company culture is reinforced by the evident commitment of our employees to safety and to doing the right thing at all times.